Gizella K Warburton – Contemporary Textile and Mixed Media Artist

Gizella K Warburton is a contemporary textile and mixed media artist based in Leicestershire.


Tailored workshops and creative learning through contemporary textiles and mixed media

Galleries & Museums

Workshop sessions can be delivered in response to exhibitions or as part of an ongoing learning programme.

Commissions have included the creation of tactile, sensory mixed media pieces in response to Artwork Collections. These educational resources are designed for teachers and children to use in schools, including Special Educational Needs.

Organisations & Community Groups

I am happy to deliver one off workshops for specific audiences or work within ongoing community projects.

My ethos embraces diversity and inclusivity and sessions are designed to offer possibilities to all. Working with collage, textile, stitch and other mediums, participants are encouraged to explore surface texture, mark-making, colour and composition. Creative outcomes can be adapted to the needs and aims of each group, individual, or specific project.


I collaborate as a Creative Partner with schools and colleges to devise sessions in response to creative learning needs for a variety of age groups, including Special Educational Needs children.

Starting points could reference curriculum topics such as nature, landscape, personal spaces and interests, recycling, language and more, or address specific school enquiry questions.

Summer Workshops

Workshops for Schools, Galleries and Community Groups